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PLEASE contact me live in chat on our page or email me
OR call me at home 616-844-0585 OR You can send a private message to me on facebook Like us here

We do waiting list deposits that is 150.00 to get on a list and pick your kitten before I post to public OR
The deposit is used toward the price of the kitten.
If we have any left after waiting list deposits I will post them
and you put down a deposit on a kitten .The deposit is used toward the price of the kitten/puppy
the rest is due on day of pick up cash only please If shipping it is due by 6 weeks of age ...
We send updated photos every week
I de-worm them do shots ..
We send them home with a huge kitten pack filled with Food ( Solid Gold ) toys treats 1 month of Frontline Plus snuggle blanket and heath record ..

Deposits are NON-Refundable.
I am not responsible for disapproval of spouses, roommates,landlords
you found a new kitten, changed your mind or no longer want on our list
I do not guarantee pregnancy or how many in a litter. If we have enough standards/non-standards or what colors we will get if you do a deposit
If the pregnancy did not take or we did not get the color you wanted you will have to wait for the next litter
A deposit may be refunded at any time by the breeder.
Which means the sale can be terminated at any time by breeder and for any reason, with or without advance notice and your deposit will be refunded.
The buyer is also free to back out at any time however deposit will not be refundable.
Should the breeder decide to cancel the sale, a full refund of all monies will be given.
If you have a deposit down on a particular kitten and later decide to get a different kitten
you lose your deposit and must pay a new deposit towards the new kitten.
Your deposit will be refunded only if the kitten you picked passes away while in my care.
However, if this happens you can also choose to leave your deposit & roll it to my next litter due
but then you forfeit the right to have your deposit refunded once it is rolled.
Refunds will not be given for any other reason -
so please make sure this is a long-term commitment/investment (financially, physically & emotionally) that you can handle.


ABOUT US ........
We're a small inhome family run hobby breeder of
Ragdoll Munchkin Kittens located in Grand Haven MI
I did cat rescue for 3 years hand fed orphan kittens and after that I bred dogs for 15 years
I have been breeding Munchkin kittens for 6 years
Im Holly and My Husband is Dave We have 4 boys
I am married to my bestfriend of 23 years ! Our family and pets are our life
I really put alot of work and love into our breeding program
and you can see this by reading my guest book and looking at our past kitten pages and join my facebook like us page
We raise our babies in our home they are NOT in cages
We do live webcam and updated photos every week so you get to watch how we raise your kittens
And you get to watch them all grow up along with us :)
We consider the people who purchase our kittens future friends
and we always look forward to updates on their kittens


The Munchkin breed have very kittenish personalities that they tend to retain even as adults.
A Munchkin kitten is very laid back and easy going, yet at the same time they love to play very social. A Munchkin Kitten can be any color --
reds, blues, blacks, whites, bi-colors, calicos, torbies, torties, cameos, smokes, minks --
and any hair type, short hair, long hair, thick hair, thin hair.
Munchkin Kittens are divided into two categories:
A Standard Kitten, which has the very short forelegs,
and a Nonstandard Kitten which has normal length legs
but still has the wonderful personality that is a recognized trait of the Munchkin Cat breed

Our kittens/puppies sold as pets MUST be spayed or neutered within three months from the date of pick up or by 9 months of age.
If you would like breeding rights please let me know before you place a deposit
When getting your kitten fixed it must be done by a veterinarian office
If you choose to use the SPCA Humane Society or C-Snip type place it will void our contract.
They are just a conveyor belt for surgeries no special care and exposed to so many cats that can be sick or have diseases.
We do NOT allow declawing of our kittens !!
I do not declaw or use anything on the nails of our cats .
My cats have free run of my home and do not claw my furniture!! We teach them young no no ….
a spray bottle squirt gun can with coins clap your hands .
Give them LOTS of cat scratchers things to climb on.Lots of TOYS!!!
I buy most of mine on amazon buy more of the ones with carpet not the fake fur kind they are nice to sleep on but cats love the carpet to claw on
You must have your kitten examined by a licensed veterinarian within 72 hours of leaving our care.
If your veterinarian determines that the kitten/puppies has a genetic defect/ congenital disease before 1 year of age
you may return the kitten and we'll exchange for a different kitten/puppies when one is available .
A few important details: First, we require an original written statement from your veterinarian.
Second, we won't reimburse for veterinary fees or shipping.And last we NEVER give refunds.
Pet is guaranteed for 1 Year from the date of whelp against genetic defects,
If kitten/puppies dies before 1 year of age you must have an necropsy at buyers expense
If necropsy finds it to be a genetic defects we will replace kitten/puppies when we have one available
No money will be returned only a replacement of kitten. Examples of conditions that would entitle you to a replacement kitten/puppies include life-threatening heart conditions and degenerative nerve disorders.
fatal & life altering congenital diseases which adversely affect the health of Pet.
This includes kidney, heart, pancreas, spine, liver and patella problems of a severe life threatening or altering nature.
In other words, conditions that effect longevity or quality of life.
If you must return a kitten/puppies for what ever reason NO money will be refunded
Seller cannot be held accountable for future FeLV/FIV/FIP PARVO
and any other bacterial or viral infectious disease, parasites, or fungus, due to the fact that
these can be contracted anywhere in the environment after leaving the seller's home.
and again this is because OUR cats/Dogs have been tested and are all NEG before we bred them .
Examples of conditions that wouldn't qualify for replacement are innocent heart murmurs, allergies or deaf.
conditions that an otherwise healthy catcan live with and be happy.
We do not guarantee the hearing of white cats with blue eyes . As it is not life-threatening and live a very long and happy life
Coccidian, kennel cough, uneven bites, umbilical hernias,
growths, allergies & other autoimmune system disorders that are NOT covered in this guarantee.
In general, we would accept a veterinarian's opinion of what constitutes a serious defect, but we may require a second opinion which would be obtained at our expense.
We do not refund any money we will only give a replacement kitten
We will only guarantee a serious genetic defect or congenital disease

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