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Everyone is always asking .. Do your Munchkin kittens do well with kids
I wanted to show these YES Our kittens do GREAT with kids and other pets

Standard Munchkin



Victoria's Standard Munchkin and his new best friend


My Standard Kitten Munchie From Dori

Standard Munchkin kittens

Katherine's Minuet Jasmin won all this stuff from the spay/neuter your pet month!
She is from Dani and Catspurr's litter

Louis Standard flew all the way to WA to live with his new family !!!
Max Standard Munchkin
Jasmin Standard Munchkin

Angus Nonstandard in his new home
White Dev Standard
Maggie Standard Kunchkin Kitten

Lil' Bean standard
Chloe's litter standard She flew all the way to New Mexico
Grayson NonStandard

Chloe's litter standard Munchkin at the vet. His name is Wellington
Max Standard
Mary's kitten Harley he flew to Vermont NonStandard

Standard Munchkin

Standard Munchkin Kittens




Flower making herself comfy Non-standard Munchkin
Jeffery being oh so cute Standard Katie litter

Loki(standard) warming himself on his mommy's laptop fan lol
Keira's Non-Standard Minuet

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