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Standard Munchkin Ragdoll Kittens

Standard dilute calico Ragdoll Munchkin kitten Going to live in CA
with a Hollywood star Abigail Breslin
and Blue and White Standard and white nonstandard went to
live with her mom Kim Breslin Kittens names are Mata Hari and Lizzie Borden

Alma's Ragdoll Munchkin in his new home !!



Before the kittens go home they get a bath
And blow dry !!


Carrie's Standard Munchkin kitten Luna



Emilie standard Minuet Jeffrey
Elsa standard Minuet in her new home ( Chloe's litter )
Keira's NS kitten from Purrdee's litter

Emily's kittens two standard munchkins

Nichole's NS Persian Munchkin in his new home !!

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